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As soon as his last words were announced, he watched the chaos unfold among both the giants and the humans. Giants because they had spent their whole lives inside the village, and expansion was an idea they were not sure how they felt about. Humans realized they would have to probably fight off a full-scale war, while some, like the duke, were excited and others, like the little girl, got scared of the word war. 

He expected them to react more or less, so he didn't mind the looks; more than anything, he was currently busy admiring the piece of rock in his hand with the rune that the runesmith had created. It worked as a microphone somehow. On closer inspection, he realized it wasn't just a rock and laughed. He was very familiar with what this material was, and of course it was adamantite. He was thinking of mass producing these, but his face curled up when he actually thought about the price. 'Man being broke sucks,' he thought to himself. 

The old chief and the father of Carus, meanwhile, looked at him from a corner in the crowd. While he had told Carus he was willing to let the new generation take over, expand, and explore, no way in hell would he have ever thought that the lord of the forest would be so greedy. Was it even right to call him the Lord of the Forest at that point? He thought about it and gasped. Maybe that was the reason he just told them to call him Lord Jack. Does that mean he was planning all this from the start? While Carus's father made up his own theories about Jack, who just wanted to avoid embarrassment, the current chief found himself in a dilemma. 

While he did want to expand and explore the village, he never wanted to thrust the village into a full-blown war, which was not something he wanted. While he was sure he could trust Jack, imagining his whole village being shoved into war was not something he could accept, as he spoke up. 

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