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Chaos Heir Chapter 50 - The Dark Queen

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Evading Erin's group was a difficult feat, and the group used the cover of the night to rush toward the pub. They decided to spend the night here before heading to the underground tunnels tomorrow, preparing a little farewell celebration., They had the alcohol, seasoned meat, and good company and that was all they needed to throw a small farewell party. They roasted the meat as they talked and laughed., They moved a table outside the pub and filled it with good food and alcohol, and they started to dig in as they shared stories. They all had a silent agreement about not sharing anything about where they lived and their real names, as it would make everyone comfortable this way., Being able to use mana made them able to get a little dizzy, not too drunk to act out, and no leftover hangover. The night reached its darkest and the group slept outside next to each other, sleeping soundly until the morning came., They ate their breakfast before heading toward the underground dungeon. They rode over Kira's back, evading Erin's camp on the way. After an hour of traveling, they were finally standing in front of the tunnel.,

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