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I Stole The System! Unknown Steal

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[Name: Ian Crown]

[Talent: Map (D)]

[Notification (99 )] [Rewards (3)] [Help!]

Ian looked at the system screen that displayed his name, talent, and its grade, along with other tabs.

'Yeah, I remember getting hundreds of these.' Looking at the notification tab, Ian recalled all the notifications he received when the system first bound to him, which he was unable to check due to the sudden appearance of all the messages at once.

With just a mental command that didn't require any verbal or manual instruction, Ian was able to change tabs and select what he wanted to see in the system.

[Regression has been completed successfully!]

[Initializing Talent Replicator System!]

[System Bound!]

[Error! It is detected that the host is not the regressor.]

[Error! System theft detected.]

[Initiating Protocol 1069.]

[Self-destruction has been initiated.]

[Inventory deleted.]

[Deleting System Assistant.]

[Deleting Replicator.]

[Error! Deletion failed!]

[System deletion failed!]

[Terminating action.]

[A final message for the thief.]


It took a while for Ian to go through thousands, if not hundreds, of messages the system had issued.

'Regression, System theft, and 'Fuck me'? Hahaha, what a mess!' Placing a hand on his head, grasping some of his hair and sliding them, Ian tried to suppress his laughter as he looked at the messages from the system with a wide grin.

Regression, System—how could Ian be unfamiliar with these terms after reading thousands of web novels and being an avid fan of anime?

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