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I Stole The System! Exploring The System

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As mentioned previously, talents can either be innate or acquired. Innate talents are passed down by parents to their offspring, making it possible for multiple people to hold the same talents. These are the talents people are born with, which sometimes lie dormant within them, making even the possessor unaware of them.

Acquired talents, on the other hand, are talents that one gains after using certain treasures. Once a talent is acquired, it can be passed down to one's offspring, allowing the lineage to gain talent. These treasures are very rare, and even for F-rank talents, the prices of these treasures can reach several million.

A person can also possess more than one talent, which is quite rare in humans but common in monsters. Some have no talent at all, known as the Dulls. The history of Dulls and the talented is a very interesting topic with a quite controversial relationship, but that's a tale for another time.

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