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Everyone went quiet and no one talked just to see the person entering the room. Ling Qingyu, Tang Ziyi, and Xiao Yue all turned their body toward the entrance.

rIt was a nurse who came in. While Ling Qingyu was relieved, Tang Ziyi and Xiao Yue had their vigilance high. Especially Tang Ziyi, she had seen many cases where someone pretended to be a nurse to assassinate the patient.

rAlthough the current Ling Qingyu was awake at the moment, if one was not careful, they would be giving others a chance. Their scrutinizing wasn't over until the nurse's face showed happiness after seeing Ling Qingyu had woken up.

rBut Tang Ziyi's eyes never left her and caused discomfort for the nurse. She didn't care as her priority was Ling Qingyu's safety.

rComing straight into this new world and having to be on guard against unknown threats was too much for her at the moment.

rNoticing the nurse attending to her getting stressed out, Ling Qingyu found out the reason, but she didn't mean to blame Tang Ziyi. Not mentioning if she even dared.

rChecking her drips and everything else, the nurse smiled and soothed Ling Qingyu. At the same time, she blamed the hit-and-run driver who took no responsibility. The nurse was sympathetic to Ling Qingyu who had to go through all of this.

rThe nurse along with her uniform was beautiful in Ling Qingyu's eyes but it didn't result in another sluggish moment. She had seen many beauties including herself at perfect score today. Her tolerance increased.

rWhen the nurse turned around and was about to leave, Ling Qingyu's stomach churned out loud. Ling Qingyu blushed and held her stomach, lowering her head.


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