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Miss Beautiful C.E.O and her system Brutality

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Tang Ziyi was a couple of steps in front of Xiao Yue, when the doors slammed open into another spacious hall and these men began to assault.

rEven against multiple opponents in several dozens, they were unfazed. Both of them had very calm eyes and wrestled their joints and tendons, to prepare for the upcoming fight, shrugging off any tensions built up previously.

rNot one of them had the slightest idea to go out of the corridor they were in. Narrowing the angles of the opponents was a better choice while entering the spacious hall was likely to be flanked by others.

rInstead of adversaries surrounding them, they now only had to concentrate on the front. Based on the preliminary judgment, none here had any sort of training.

rAgainst Tang Ziyi and Xiao Yue, who had trained for many years or throughout their life, it became a piece of cake.

rAs soon as the crowd rolled onto them, Tang Ziyi's strikes went fast and ruthless. There was no beautiful movement, but some mere simple honed singular hits, that were likely to be practiced for a thousand times or more.

rShe wasted no extra energy. If she could dodge and land a strike at the same time, she didn't bother to parry. If she could hit her enemy quicker than being hit, no dodging or parrying traveled through her mind.

rBefore her opponents' hands touched her, they were already dealt with by her quicker strikes. Numerous powerless wavy hands before they collapsed on the floor.

rHer fighting instinct was a machine, sowing terrors among those who confronted her. Her efficient fighting mechanisms were all calculated instinctively.

rNaturally, as a weaker gender, she was aware of her vulnerability even though her height and weight had already diminished these disadvantages, it still existed. She was fighting against men.

rNot one but a group! Luckily, they weren't professionals. Her targets were always at those weak points such as throats, groins, inner kneepits, liver, and solar plexus.

rWhile Tang Ziyi faced most of the opponents, she carefully released a handful of them—two or three—toward her backline.

rUnlike Tang Ziyi, Xiao Yue's fight looked good on the outside with kicks and forms, parrying, and attacking. Her style was beautiful in contrast to Tang Ziyi's ruffian style.

rHowever, when Tang Ziyi had already dealt with 5, she only managed to drop one guy. Such was the difference, something which could only be shown by years of fighting experiences.

rAfter more than dozens of them had laid down on the floor, immobile and screaming from pain. The fighting paused as the rest of the men retreated a few steps back. There was a space between the two sides.

rThe eyes looking at Tang Ziyi were no longer previous playful mentalities but filled with fears toward her ruthlessness. None of her hits were able to recover within weeks.

rAt least Xiao Yue behind her appeared more human than this grim reaper. She caught up behind Tang Ziyi and gulped a mouthful of huge breath.


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