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Two men lay on the floor, unconscious. No question needed for an obvious answer. They couldn't believe two women knocked them out cold.

rThese men were apparently serving as protection for the two playful men inside, whose eyes showed fear, watching the ladies inch forward nonchalantly.

rTheir bodies strayed backward to create a distance but their panic rose as they stumbled themselves.

rIn contrast to their appearances, the woman who was in despair a moment ago had a pair of burning eyes, filled with hope that someone came for a rescue and desire to become as strong as the two ladies.

rShe wanted to talk but her throat and energy were depleted. Her hoarse outcry attracted the attention of Tang Ziyi and Xiao Yue. Even if the poor girl didn't say it out loud, her body language already conveyed everything, crawling toward them like a final straw.

rNo other messages required. Two unconscious women lay down in disheveled clothes while the victim was glad to see them and wanted to stay away from the men. Tang Ziyi and Xiao Yue knew the full stories.

rXiao Yue rushed forward and held the crawling naked girl on the floor in her arms. Because the lighting here showered like a red luminous mist, Xiao Yue couldn't see clearly from afar.

rOnce in her embrace, she found the girl with numerous skin injuries—black and blue spots including the lips and the cheeks. The girl tightened her hold of Xiao Yue, worried they would leave her without hesitation.

rTang Ziyi's steps overtook their position and stepped toward the two culprits whose backs were stuck on the wall. One of them tried to jolt away but was smashed on the knees by a baton.

rSeveral blows landed until he rolled himself into a shrimp. Another was scared stiff, bubbling his identity, trying to dissuade Tang Ziyi. She clubbed him to her heart's content until the man no longer threatened them.

rUnder her subtle interrogation, both now had a clearer image. These men were in the same group as the ones on the floor below.

rThe two guys who were scared stiff confessed everything including their identities as the typical rich second-generations. Tang Ziyi and Xiao Yue scorned their identities. What's there to be proud of when they didn't even achieve something by themselves?

rOne was even the son of a Police Chief while another had his father founding the company of instant noodles.

rCrap! Tang Ziyi and Xiao Yue looked at one another. Did they just light up the hornet nest? They had offended several parties by now.

rWell, it doesn't matter. They also had a rich background.

rWhat's more, they had decided to throw this mess for Ling Qingyu to deal with.

rLing Qingyu:…???

rLuckily, Tang Ziyi had many ways to deal with these situations. On the other hand, seeing her rescuers pause for a slight moment, the traumatized girl's heart raced, worried they would also be sacrificed again.

rThe men under the floor and the three girls here worked in the same instant noodles company. The girls were accountants and their beauty attracted the eyes of the son of the company boss.

rHis pursuit of flaunting wealth was useless. The rare girls' heart were like stones and their interests were more on accomplishing their jobs and earning money with their effort.

rSo, he conspired together with his friend, a police chief's son, who had a connection with these gang members and planned to force them, to deal with the aftermath as usual, including the blackmail part like videos and photos to shut these girls' mouths.

rBased on their words, this was not the first time they had done this and escaped the law.

rTogether, they plotted these three innocent women to a company gathering and put medicine on their drinks. Along with the help of staffs, they brought the girls to the nightclub.

rOne of the girls woke up, perhaps her resistance to the drug was higher, and was unfortunately targeted first by the two bastards. She resisted but her physique was no match for man and fell into hell for a short moment of time.

rBut her act saved two other friends by buying enough time for Tang Ziyi and Xiao Yue to arrive. If not, the situation would likely be everyone becoming victims. Although she was raped, the mood of being saved had managed to dust away some of the trauma.

rXiao Yue stayed inside the room, consoling the girl. Every moment she knew more, she gritted her teeth and kicked hard at the already limp bodies.

rTang Ziyi searched around the nightclub looking for evidence and unexpected data should they need it in the future including the CCTV recording prior to her arrival. She found several proofs of bribery and corruption in the ledger.

rShe grabbed some bags on the side and put the evidence in. Afterward, she went back and told Xiao Yue to prepare to leave. It was best to depart as soon as possible according to the plan but the three victims interrupted their rhythm.

rThey had to bring them along. Xiao Yue had tried waking them up but to no avail. Tang Ziyi exhaled her breath and carried one by hooking over the shoulder and grasping the waist while the other side of the hands were full with bags.

rXiao Yue brought another the same way while the remaining conscious girl leaned closer to Xiao Yue as safe haven. Xiao Yue didn't mind her behavior though.

rThey managed to return to the sedan in no time.

rTang Ziyi put all the stuff inside the trunk and entered the driving seats. Three girls in the back seat, Xiao Yue in her usual position. Tang Ziyi sped the car away from the club.

rTask completed except they brought along three additional girls.


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