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Two days after, Ling Qingyu stood up from the bed. It was morning and today was the day she planned to leave the hospital. Even with her scale of accident, it was a miracle for her to recover fast within 3 days.

rSo, she couldn't just walk out like a normal person would. She had to pretend for some time. Perhaps a wheelchair might be a good option.

rTang Ziyi was also in the room, sleeping on the bench. Of course, there was another Jiang Yu, who sat on one of the chairs.

rThe rest of the girls should be in the room the hospital had prepared for them. During these three days, the girls became more familiar with each other and their relationship went upward dramatically.

rLing Qingyu clicked her tongue, what was she, a tool to bring the girls together? She joked at herself.

rA quivering muffled vibration attracted her ears. It was her phone in silent mode. She eyed the screen and it was from her Secretary Zhao.

rThese days, Zhao Xiurong always reported the situation of the company and it was definitely not good. Ling Qingyu acted perfunctory as long as there wasn't a major event because she had expected these to happen.


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