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Miss Beautiful C.E.O and her system Leaving the hospital

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Ling Qingyu didn't know rumors about her had been spreading for days. She had no idea that Mo Yunxi's colleague would compare her with a vile evil rich villainess from movies.

rNor would she bother if she heard them by chance, because there would always be some topic people might talk around. A legend of a father with his son and a donkey traveling depicted the gossiping sides of humans.

rWhen Zhao Xiurong pushed Ling Qingyu to the vehicle in the parking lot, she was flabbergasted. A red Bugatti, reflecting the sunlight. Its gorgeousness, the curves and the bumps. Every man's wet dream, which didn't include Ling Qingyu's previous life though.

rBut this didn't prevent Ling Qingyu from admiration. The only annoying factor soiling the scene was a couple, where a girl made various seductive poses, touching the car's skin while a man photographed everything.

rWhat made it more disturbing was this woman lay on the hood, sprawling all over. Ling Qingyu looked upward at Zhao Xiurong to see the expression of her secretary.

rWhen they arrived near the car, a man suddenly exclaimed.

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