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Inside the opulent office room of Ling Qingyu's luxurious apartment.

rLing Qingyu fixed her gaze upon the high-definition screen while her fingers deftly navigated the browser and accessed her email account. A new inbox message from her secretary beckoned her attention.

rWith a click, a cascade of links and contact information of a manager, whom Zhao Xiurong had asked her to discuss, spilled onto the screen before her.

rShe would contact him later as she fancied seeing what her secretary had chosen for her. There were three options.

rLing Qingyu's mouse glided over the first link. The photos from different angles popped up, along with the specification details. The manor was newly built yet felt antique at the same time.

rShe liked this sense of taste where the architecture combined styles from the contemporary era with the modern ones. These beautiful Chinese attics, with several layers on the roof, looked stunning. The buildings exuded historic charm connected with each other, along with a vast pond, where the residents could enjoy tea and the scenery.

rThe floor was adorned with natural stone tiles, exhibiting a rustic and earthy charm. The maximum floor each building had was two except for the tallest three storeys in the center.

rLing Qingyu really liked this artistic ancient Chinese allure, connected to the natural realms, especially the blossoming cherry trees. The manor was sized around 3000 square meters, which also included the parking area and villa for the sole purpose of entertaining guests.

rThe manor was huge indeed for a small proportion of people, but Ling Qingyu wanted more. It cost 600 million yuan, which seemed reasonable in Ling Qingyu's opinion.

rShe searched for the second, where the style was in contrast with the prior choice, but it fitted her requirements. A European minimalistic aesthetic yet the grand building stood tall by several columns—a palace style of ancient Greek.

rTwo large pools available for swimming, both indoor and outdoor. Its exquisite grandeur displayed the status of the owner. The flooring was designed with polished marble, its smooth surface reflecting the light and adding a touch of luxury to the surroundings.

rThe mansion had five floors but the bottommost layer served as an underground, but it wasn't really under the ground but surrounded by an ample space of walls like a burrow underneath the cliff. The manor also possessed buildings for parking spaces and two helipads.

rThe manor was built near the river stream and contained 10,000 square meters. If she bought this one, Ling Qingyu already owned some parts of this river stream, as private property.

rTo be honest, if there wasn't a third one, Ling Qingyu might already select the second option. Its price was raised to 800 million yuan, which, in fact, was not unreasonable but one had to remember the province Ling Qingyu was in was the poorest and still in development.

rAlthough the future likelihood of real estate in Province N looked promising, it was still surrounded by uncertainties.

rThe final one didn't match what she desired, a helipad and a water nearby. The only fitting was its land area surprised Ling Qingyu— 15,000 square meters. The cost was also unreasonably raised at 900 million yuans. Except for the larger area, Ling Qingyu fancied nothing here.

rShe made a choice, the second one but she favored the first one too in terms of enjoyment and it appeared these two were not far away. Whether she could expand the area and buy the villas around had to be decided after speaking with the manager.

rWho made her so rich now? Ling Qingyu shrugged at her lavish spending.

rThe reason why she pursued a large area of land could be attributed to the second and third gifts, the system had awarded her. The sophisticated AI and technology from the high-level civilization prompted her to search for the area where humongous space underground was possible in order to hide her secrets.

rThe system had promised her, it would automatically build an underground chamber and she could tweak it a little to her liking. She almost kissed the system when she knew about it.

rLing Qingyu picked up her phone and dialed the manager's number in speaker mode.


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