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Ling Qingyu and Tang Ziyi arrived at the meeting spot, which was the location of a luxurious cafe, a couple of blocks away from Manager Yuan's real estate agency.

rThe two went out of the Cadillac after finding a parking spot; Ling Qingyu was still mad she couldn't shotgun the black beast.

rEven though Tang Ziyi was mostly correct in her opinion to put on the safest spot, the pleasure was completely different. She ignored Ling Qingyu's reaction as if it didn't matter in the first place.

rRight, what else could she say to her confidante, especially the one granted by the system? It was lucky that she wasn't shoved in but willingly adjourned to her advice. Or she was afraid of it.

rWhen they exited the vehicles, eyes loomed around them and Ling Qingyu felt pressured while Tang Ziyi behaved the opposite. The two appeared stunning on the street despite being in their normal attires, not showcasing their alluring characteristics.

rOut of these glances, she didn't mind a normal peek or admiration; what troubled her heart was the leers of some men. Their leer shot like a beam and burned her skin. Ling Qingyu exhaled to calm down and tell herself, it was going to be this way in the future and she must adapt to it.

rAlthough she hated those men, whose eyes undressed herself and caressed her skin, it was their liberty and there was nothing she could possibly do.

rOf course, she could punish them through various methods or violently by asking Tang Ziyi; however, by then it became her overstep that turned her into a culprit, she and the public would abhor in the future.

rSomehow she understood why there existed some women who disliked men. It was their vulnerability in nature when men displayed similar predatory behavior. If they had a portion of Tang Ziyi's confidence or safety guarantee, none of this would've happened.

rLing Qingyu didn't glare back angrily—this would instead fuel their actions. Instead, she nonchalantly addressed these eyes as nothing and went on her own way. There was no fear, no disturbance in her expression, just a simple calm reaction, telling them a message she knew they were looking but her chilling cold aura also dissuaded many from approaching.

rWell, indeed, there were too many and she would exhaust herself if she dove for one by one. So, it was better to treat them as zoo animals while she concentrated on her goals.

rLing Qingyu entered the cafe and was soon greeted by a waitress. She told her she was here to meet someone and gave a room's name; afterward, the waitress guided Ling Qingyu and Tang Ziyi inside one of the private rooms and allowed them to finally meet Manager Yuan.

rHe was in a black suit, mid-thirties, wearing a pair of thick-frame glasses. Not too handsome, a simple working man, who succeeded in his job. He had confidence in his gesture but that was before he found Ling Qingyu.

rLing Qingyu detected his nervousness from miles away and she didn't condemn him, because anyone who realized or understood Ling Qingyu deeply had a natural fear of herself.

rHer previous Ling Qingyu acted very strong and the air around her suffocated many who weren't familiar with her. Not to mention her deeds in the business world, where she was merciless toward her enemies.

rThe current Ling Qingyu was milder but her momentum remained steadfast, like a sharp sword sheathed but would slash at anyone who dared cross her in one cut.

rThe two sides sit and began to discuss. Manage Yuan meticulously explained what Ling Qingyu desired to know more. The waitresses served some snacks and drinks while they continued their conversation.

rBoth sides were satisfied. Ling Qingyu was already on set to buy this manor but she disliked wasting money, even if she possessed huge sums. And confirming with her own eyes in person was the final step here.

rThey drove to the manor and the sight was exactly as the images in her email depicted; there wasn't any extra effort on the photos in promotion.

rGrand, majestic, and well-thought architecture. There was even an extra carving similar to a genuine palace.

rManager Yuan also displayed the interiors and everything was ready. The only lacking factor was the residents to move in. Still, plenty of ample space to bring other stuff in and Ling Qingyu could redesign the placement of furniture too.

rLing Qingyu's head swiveled at every location of the manor, savoring the sights and marveling at its exquisiteness.

rShe twirled her hair and glanced at Tang Ziyi for her opinion, not that it mattered since she had decided but it was brilliant if someone affirmed her decision too.

rTang Ziyi rolled her eyes and said nothing; her eyes beamed and looked at everything reluctantly. The corner of her mouth curled up whenever Ling Qingyu's emotion showed satisfaction.

rLing Qingyu sensed her excitement and smiled.

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