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Miss Beautiful C.E.O and her system Reaction from other parties

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Under the dark night, the communities remained busy. Streetlamps and headlights lit the entire urban area. Honks blared as the drivers became impatient, stuck in the traffic jam.

rEveryone was exhausted from their work and the additional stress of living through the congested traffic almost frenzied their heightened minds.

rAmongst several vehicles, a black Cadillac crawled on the way to exit the urban area. Piles of cars stretched across several miles, escaping from the city center.

rInside the Cadillac, Tang Ziyi placed her elbow on the side window and leaned her head over her palm while the other hand boringly landed over the wrist on the steering wheels. Her mouth blew the air upward and hard, throwing a small part of the hair away from her vision.

rThrough the windshield, all she saw was numerous headlights. She could only look back from the rear-view mirror to complain about Ling Qingyu's fault.

rLing Qingyu closed her eyes on the backseat. She would never admit, it was hers, to begin with. Anyone living around the vicinity knew the time the traffic jam occurred and Ling Qingyu forget to adjust her timeline.

rShe believed it was Tang Ziyi's unfamiliarity with the road, leading to this disaster. It wasn't her time-wasting behavior when she was dealing with her real estate.

rLing Qingyu thought back to the deal and the huge transaction made between the two parties. She still remembered Manager Yuan's unbelievable glance when she mentioned buying all the estate, including the palace he had previously listed.

rBoth sides quickly returned to the agency headquarters in the city to finish the payment. Her desired choice of manors was 800 million yuan, combined with the surrounding villas nearby costing additional 500 million yuan. The total land area she owned now was 25,000 square meters and she paid 1.1 billion yuans.

rOne would ask why she bought so many buildings and large areas of land without any use. In fact, there were many uses, as long as she created a cash flow, wealth was merely a flick of a finger.

rHowever, that wasn't her actual plan; she had never decided to enter the real estate market yet. Her background was too small to compete with the big Shen family. Perhaps, until she grew strong, she would lay low.

rThe real goal was to have a secret realm where she controlled the territory and kept the public eyes out. What's more, she was very rich now and dreamed to have herself a palace-style home, enjoying the treatment of an emperor. (despite only a few companions)

rBecause the amount was huge, Manager Yuan had to call the headquarter for inquiry. The two sides signed the contract and were satisfied.

rFor Ling Qingyu, even though the money she must pay was more expensive than expected, she didn't mind. The other side felt happy, their housings were sold quickly while Manager Yuan smiled at the huge commission he would receive in the salary.

rDespite the unusually costly price in Province N, after Ling Qingyu heard their reasons, she didn't argue against it. Her private property already included buildings and road networks in the area. And real estate never lost in investment.

rLing Qingyu nearly drifted into sleep, as she smiled at the thoughts that soon her two remaining gifts would be unveiled but Tang Ziyi coughed out loud. She opened her eyes and saw her Sister Ziyi smirking from the mirror.

rIt was going to be a long day as the car moved on and Tang Ziyi's naughtiness prevented her from sleeping.

rHelpless, Ling Qingyu decided to converse about Tang Ziyi's past life. It was only 4 hours later she arrived home.


rSomewhere inside a luxury mansion, a man in a black suit came out of the backseat after a servant held the door for him. He quickly strode toward a room, passing along maids and servants bowing their heads before him.

rHe knocked at the door before an old voice permitted in to enter.


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