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Ling Qingyu was elated after hearing she was receiving three at the same time. Although her system was similar to a nagging old woman, it was a tsundere. As long as she showed goodwill, the system would return back the favor one way or the other.

rShe sat up straight when she thought she was going to receive more than what she had anticipated. Since she'd read webnovels about those systems, she knew there were different kinds.

rFor instance, there were some which absorbed the luck of the world based on the protagonist's deeds. Forcing them in subtle ways through manipulation of punishment and reward. Some systems were pure evil on the path to destroy the universe and absorbed it as a personal strength.

rFortunately, her system belonged to neither, and based on her introduction there wasn't any punishment. It appeared her system existed more of an aide. If Ling Qingyu did nothing, she was sure nothing would happen to her but she was at her own risk.

rPerhaps her inner network was too vibrant, the system noticed and asked.

r[Don't compare this system with what you've read in your previous life.]

r[In fact, this system was not what you can imagine.]

r'Yes, my grand super duper cute strongest system. Please take out the gifts.'

r[Hmph…Suit yourself.]

rLing Qingyu heard a ringing tone in her mind and there were fireworks. Her eyelids twitched. She complained about the settings but her system ignored her on purpose.

r[First gift: Congratulations! You got two character cards.]

r[Don't underestimate this gift. Character card is the mean to summon an existence from other worlds such as animation, novel, manga, or movies. It might also include other unknown worlds.]

r[They would stay by your side to help you on your journey. It depends on your luck whether you won a big or a small.]

r'So, this is Pikachu summoning. Why would I want a doll beside me though?'

r[This system didn't give you Pikachu. Stop dwindling just summon it now.]

rShe was sure her system was screeching at the moment and quickly got into a serious state lest her system reduced her luck.

rLing Qingyu prayed at every existence, rubbing her palms and her mouth naming deities. Of course, she would never forget to boot-lick the real deity inside.

r'Oh great and peerless system. Help me with my luck.'

rTwo black cards appeared out of nowhere, their edges lined with golden layers. Ling Qingyu grasped them in her hand and the brilliance dissipated.

rShe turned the card over and saw two female figures on each of the cards. Both of them apparently Chinese by the names imprinted in big yellow fonts: Tang Ziyi and Xiao Yue.

rThe syllables sounded enchanting but she was attracted by their images. Tang Ziyi wore all-black attire—shirt, and pants—covered by leather jacket above. Her body ratio was indeed close to perfection from the image. Wearing a sunglass which covered part of her face and her hair without any restraint spreading across the shoulder, Tang Ziyi was only missing a helmet and a motorcycle. She was similar to the mafia Lady boss, leaning her back against the wall and folding her arms in front of her chest.

rXiao Yue seemed younger than Tang Ziyi. Her face was closer to the adorable type without any sexiness despite her clothing choice. She wore a black cheongsam with golden patterns inside and slits on the side of her thigh. The dress indeed reached below her knees but her looming thighs were on sight. Her temperament was no different from a young lady from a big family as she sat on the sofa with her hair tied into a bun behind in the image.

rLing Qingyu was amazed at the two alluring beauties but she snorted at the thoughts of what could these women do to contribute to her cause. She preferred male characters and didn't think women could provide her needed helps.

rAfter receiving the character cards, she put them aside and waited for the coming themes. Would she still obtain such summoning again?

rSoon, witnessing Ling Qingyu had finished studying, the system continued.

r[Second gift: AI technology of a high-level civilization. This one came from an interstellar world.]

rLing Qingyu gasped her breath and her body was trembling with excitement. This had to be the best gift. Her system wouldn't be able to help out in detail because the very multi-verse existence might have some trouble participating in a single universe directly. Naturally, it was only Ling Qingyu's conjecture.

rNow although she had no idea about the level of AI she would be in possession of, Ling Qingyu's confidence rose for her strength to grow up in this world. Having a strong background was necessary for a better springboard.

rLing Qingyu froze as she began to think about where to put her AI. Noting her thoughts, the system quickly replied.

r[Don't worry about the placement. You could place it anywhere and my advice is to be ample space underground. There is so much hardware coming along and you don't need to be anxious.]

rNodding her head, Ling Qingyu calmed herself as she understood—like a supercomputer, sufficient systems were required in order for the function to work properly. Her AI was no different.

r[Third gift: Photonic Generator. Don't confuse this technology with your current world's because this generator is no different from creators.]

r[Except that it couldn't create life, any metals could be created. Plus, small components such as computers and larger ones like car engines could be printed out directly.]

rLing Qingyu was suffering from shortness of breath after gaining this tool. She loved her system's gift. If it weren't available, she would have already given the system her kiss.

rApart from the first one which she felt a bit useless, the other two wrecked her nerves. These two if known outside could result in terrible repercussions. She must keep them a secret.


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