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The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife Chapter 36

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Chapter 36 – The Youth That Attracted Spirit And Seized Souls, Even the prostitutes that were originally in the middle of entertaining the handsome youths, couldn’t help but pause their delicate voices, their eyes staring towards the door., A youth wearing white scholar clothes slowly walked over, his long eyebrows like willows, his cold eyes similar to stars, his skin was like jade; porcelain fair and delicate. As the sunlight fell on his high and straight nose, not even the tiniest flaw could be seen., The youth’s stature was not tall, instead it was slender and beautiful, his body looking obviously weak. When his cold glance swept over, it gave people an oppressed feeling, like the cold frost from unyielding snow., Seeing this youth, they couldn't help but be stunned. Under the brilliant sunshine, he resembled a spot of pure white snow, a natural and pure beauty, bright and glamorous without boundaries., A man standing not far away from the youth choked on his own saliva, inattentively muttering,

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